2016 Inventory & Review: Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Trainer

Hub City Sports presents our new 2016 fitness machines (part 1); The Sole E95 Elliptical is considered by most users and experts (consumerreports.org, ellipticalcardio.com) to be one of the best home and gym elliptical because it has a motor-adjusting incline ramp, heavy flywheel, adjustable foot pedals and a whole host of features. Also, the product is backed by quite good customer support.

sole e95 elliptical console

The only thing one may not like about this product is that it tends to squeak occasionally and it also makes a few unnecessary click sounds.

Introduction; the Sole E95 elliptical flywheel

However, the Sole E95 Elliptical has many of the features that you want from an elliptical.

sole e95 elliptical console 2

sole e95 elliptical

There is no skimping on quality of build and the heavy flywheel and strong frame as well as excellent warranty and customer support all help to make this a best buy product. Its motor-adjusting incline ramp and couple of heart-rate interactive programs as well as adjustable foot pedals are its top features. It’s a step down form the more expensive Sole Light Commercial E98 Elliptical, but a step up from the Sole E35 elliptical we installed in 2015.

Everyone who has tried out this elliptical says that the heavy flywheel offers maximum comfort of use and a nice natural step. The nice thing is that this elliptical is also very solid and very stable. If you want to brake then the quiet braking system offers smooth and very reliable braking. If you want to adjust the length of the stride then there are options available to adjust between twenty and twenty-two inches.

The motor-adjusting incline ramp lets you adjust the incline ramp to between zero and forty degrees and the Slope E95 also functions in forward as well as reverse.

The Sole E95 elliptical product specs

sole fitness e95The E95 has been voted the best and for good reason. It not only performs well but is of great value as well.

The electronic console for example is very easy to use and it has all the features that you would want. The nice LCD gives you a nice readout. It also comes with an inbuilt cooling fan and a holder in which you can place your water bottle. Built-in speakers in the console give you an opportunity to listen to your favorite music. All that you need to do is hook your MP3 player or iPod and then you can listen to your favorite music while using the E95.

The drive system is excellent.

It works almost noiselessly and functions in reverse as well as forward modes.

The flywheel weighs all of thirty-four pounds. With a high gear ratio, which you normally do not find on competing models, this elliptical gives you a smooth motion and a lot of resistance to ensure a more strenuous workout. For more resistance, you can make use of the motor-adjusting incline ramp. It is up to you to determine what incline level works best for you. In fact, you can use different incline positions for more diverse workouts. It is possible to adjust the ramp from zero to forty degrees to ensure that you can target all the main muscle groups in your lower body.

e95 fly wheel

The Sole E95 Elliptical also allows you to work your upper body. The nice thing is that the E95 has excellent grips and the handles have controls to adjust the incline and resistance. On the handlebars, there are built-in pulse sensors that help you to monitor your heart rate. The E95 is also sold with a heart rate chest strap.

sole e95 elliptical frame top

sole e95 elliptical frame mid

sole e95 elliptical frame bottom

The E95 foot pedals

The foot pedals are larger than large and offer excellent cushioning to give you a more complete workout.

The nice thing about these foot pedals is that they have been designed to have a two-degree inward slope to help cut down stress on your knees and ankles. The best part about these foot pedals is that their angle can be adjusted. This is a feature that you won’t find on any other model – no matter how costly it is. Thanks to a dial, which is known as the worm drive,  you can dial in the exact amount of adjustment of the foot pedal. The end result is that you will not feel toe numbness and your Achilles tendons will also not feel sore. No other elliptical offers this feature.

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Review summary

Finally, the E95 elliptical has four wheels at the back and these wheels rid on heavy-duty rails to provide greater stability and lesser sideways motion of the pedals.

e95 elliptical cup holder

Such a feature is normally only available on the costlier elliptical models.

The notable part about buying the Sole E95 Elliptical is that its frame is backed by a lifetime warranty and the parts and electronics are backed by five-year warranty.

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The company that makes the Sole E95 elliptical also offers a two-year labor warranty (they will review your application to make sure you qualify).