Cycling Tips

I.M.B.A. Singletrack Advice

I.M.B.A., the International Mountain Bicycling Association has lots of great ideas and tips to improve your off-road excursions. Here are ten great tips:

  • 1. Bells are a great way to let your fellow trail users know that you’re approaching. Just be careful not to ring yours too close to horses or hikers.
  • 2. Keep your groups small – no more than four. You’ll minimize your impact and won’t disrupt others.
  • 3. Trailwork is fun. Get involved with your local club and attend their next trail event.
  • 4. The next time you see a park ranger introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. By earning their respect, we’ll preserve great places to ride.
  • 5. Teach a kid to ride. It should be part of growing up.
  • 6. Take a date or friend on a trailwork event. Girls (and guys) love to play in the dirt!
  • 7. Buy your riding buddy an IMBA membership.
  • 8. If you see trash on a ride, pick it up – especially the energy bar wrappers and inner tubes that give cyclists a bad name.
  • 9. Once per ride, stop and chat with a hiker or horseback rider. We are all part of the trail community and need to get along.
  • 10. Volunteer for a park board or trails committee.

For more great tips and information visit I.M.B.A.