New Inventory & Review: Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Hub City Sports just got some new fitness equipment; The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine features fully adjustable pedals, adjustable stride length and an incline to give you a more challenging cardio workout, which is suitable for all people of various sizes and heights. The machine also has an LCD screen which shows you the track data including the time, calories and the distance.

By offering this information, it assists you to properly monitor your workout. Its fully moveable handlebars have pulse grip monitors although the designer also included a chest strap to monitor the heart rate without having to stop.

sole e35 elliptical console

The front driven mechanism that offers a fluid and smooth motion and with large pedals allows larger feet sizes to easily use the machine.

The producer introduction; Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness is the producer of this elliptical machine.

sole e35

They are health and fitness equipment providers. They are widely known for the treadmill range although they have now entered into elliptical world by offering great trainer that tricks every body muscle.

The Sole E35 elliptical description

The leading consumer websites have rated the Sole E35 ellitical machine the best buy while the leading consumer magazines for value and quality have rated it as the best buy.

It is any easy to use electronic console featuring an LCD blue back lit display. It has a water bottle holder and a built in cooling fan. Further, the console consists of built in speakers, which will allow you to hook up an MP3 player for easier listening.

sole e35 elliptical mp3 and tilt

As pointed out by elliptical consumers, in one of their Sole E35 elliptical reviews, its whisper quiet drive system provides a fluid natural motion which functions in reverse and forward motions. Further, it has a heavy 29 pound flywheel and a higher gear ratio combination that you can hardly find in the other comparable models. This means that with this model you will experience a smooth feel with higher resistance at its top end, which will provide you with a challenging workout. The Sole Fitness E35 has power incline feature that offers some additional resistance and variable positions for a wider diversity in your workouts in touch of a button. Moreover, you can fully adjust the machines ramp angle from 0 to 30 degrees. This allows you to specifically target and work any major lower body muscle.

sole e35 elliptical power incline and pedals



The upper body exercise offers total body workout.

The machines stationary handle bars which feature built-in pulse sensors will assist you to monitor your heart rate. The designer also includes a heart rate chest strap to offer hands free pulse rate monitoring and the heart rate interactive programs. This machine has oversize foot pedals that will offer you comfortable workout. The foot pedals designers worked in collaboration with sports enthusiasts and therapist to come up with a 2 degree inward slant to foot pedals. This reduces knee and ankle stress which is very common in many elliptical machines. You can also adjust the foot beds for customized comfort.

sole e35 elliptical stride length and fly wheel

The machine has four wheels that ride on heavy duty rails. These wheels provide you with a smoother and more stable feel and also reduce the side to side pedal motions.

You can only get this feature in the more expansive models.

Why purchase this machine

This elliptical bike offers you a chance to adjust its stride length from 22 inches to 20 inches.

Twenty inches is the common stride range for most elliptical bikes. Having a chance to adjust the stride length is a better way of ensuring your comfort while exercising.

sole e35 elliptical

After purchasing this machine, it comes with 10 preset programs and other 2 programs that you can set by yourself. The machine offers more routines, the 10 preset programs provides you with a wide range of workouts to gaining strong muscles and building endurance. Furthermore, while working out you can easily know how fast your heart rate while working out is. You only need to grasp the stationery handlebars to utilize the heart rate sensors. They register your heart rate and display it on the screen. You can also rely on the chest strap to determine your heart rate while working out.

The producer company also offers a warranty package.

It includes a lifetime warranty on the elliptical bikes frame, five years warranty on the other parts and two years on the labor.

sole e35 elliptical features and details sole e35 elliptical product description

The products features

  • A backlit LCD monitor to show you the speed, calories and time
  • Fully adjustable pedals with 22” as the maximum stride length
  • A fully adjustable incline to facilitate longer workouts
  • 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart rate programs
  • A front pulse grip and chest straps to monitor the heart rate
  • Front and reverse system with a built-in fan
  • A sound system to facilitate easier music listening without any need for headphones
  • A weight limit of 375 pounds
  • A lifetime frame, 2 years labor warranty and 5 year electronic warranty.

The machines dimensions

  • Height: 67”
  • The products weight: 230 pounds
  • Length: 82”
  • Weight capacity: 375 pounds
  • Width: 31”
  • Price range

The machine has a higher specification which the producer offers at a price that ranges between $ 1000 and $ 1500. The price is within the higher range of elliptical trainers. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine is suitable for the advanced users who utilize incline range and the resistance settings since a beginner might find the machine overpriced.

The Pros Reviewed

  • With this machine you can incline and also change its stride length and therefore suitable for the entire family
  • The chest strap provides the user with a chance to get instant heart rate rather than relying on grip monitors which are usually less accurate

The Cons Reviewed

  • The machine has no color screen

Sole E35 User feed back and reviews

The Sole E35 elliptical has lots of positive feedback which surround its smoothness and quietness (both from consumer reports and elliptical consumers).

elliptical consumers

In fact, these are the two most important things in an elliptical machine, which most people highly consider. Nobody would go for an elliptical machine that they will need to hide in your garage due to its noisy nature. In addition, most individuals are happy with machine’s range of functions and its solidarity and the fact that it is very easy to assemble and get using. However, some users indicate that this machine is very heavy and you might require setting it up in a place where you won’t need to keep moving it.

Other negative Sole E35 elliptical reviews relate to the high installation cost and the 2013 model has many errors that recur on the computer.

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Sole E35 elliptical review: conclusion

The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine is a valuable equipment for cardio exercises. Its latest advanced technology is meant to make it easy for you to use and feel the comfortable while training.

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The Sole E35 Elliptical machine is, depending on your specific needs (please read the online Sole E35 reviews), probably a good value for your money.