Cycling Guide

cguide_covertwo_06_hTrek’s WSD – Designed Just For Women. A perfect fit lets you feel great and perform at your best.

Here’s an excerpt from our new Cycling Guide.

Spin your Pilot WSD on a group century, enjoying the scenery, savoring snacks and feeling strong the whole way. Spin your FX WSD along the river path to the harbor and back, the headwind invigorating you rather than defeating you. Or take a WSD hardtail to Moab. The Slickrock Trail has never felt so easy, so flowy. It’s all possible when your bike fits perfectly. Visit our shop, and we’ll show you.

Pilot WSD Series – Ride far and fast, with comfort that lasts.

When Trek combined women’s geometry with its most comfortable road bike, it created one sweet ride. The OCLV carbon frame includes vibration dampers, and Pilot’s women-friendly position feels great all day.

The Trek Pilot WSD series range from $990 to $3,270. Shown at left: Pilot 5.2 WSD, $2,970 msrp

Trek FX WSD Series — So much fun, we’ll hardly notice we’re getting in shape. Every fitness machine claims to be “Fun and Easy,” but Trek FX WSD bikes actually are fun and easy. Fun: Light aluminum frames respond to every pedal stroke. Easy: Upright position puts weight where it should be, and never where it shouldn’t be.

The Trek FX WSD series ranges from $420 to $1,050. Shown: 7.5 FX WSD, $700 msrp

Practical But Not Plain — There are so many trails to explore.

The Trek 4500 WSD is a perfect bike for women who want to ride on their own terms. The Alpha SL Aluminum frame climbs eagerly, and the RockShox Judy J1 fork smooths out rough trails.

The Trek WSD Hardtail series ranges from $390 to $1,100. Shown at right: 4500 WSD, $520 msrp

Benefits of Trek WSD Geometry Light hands. WSD geometry centers you over the bike, instead of hunching you forward. Shorter-reach brake levers make squeezing much easier.

Relaxed shoulders. A shorter top tube and narrow handlebars eliminate all that reaching and straining. When you ride a WSD bike, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Comfortable sitting. WSD geometry and anatomically designed women’s saddles let you relax with no pressure on sensitive areas.

More power. WSD geometry positions your body for a perfect pedal stroke: smooth and strong.

Accessories (at left) – Stay cool on sizzling rides with (A) Women’s Trek Sleeveless Classic Jersey ($34.99). The (B) Nike Imara Watch ($58.99) has heart rate and exercise functions. Keep your hands safe in a pair of (C) Trek WSD Moby Gel glove ($29.99). (D) Nike Women’s Altea II Plus Shoes ($159.99) have light, stiff carbon/composite soles.